Twilight fingersucking, Hancock’s sex scene and Alternate Arnie! Total Film’s best deleted scenes!


Total Film have a great feature at the moment titled 27 Scenes That Shouldn’t Have Been Deleted that is definitely worth checking out. We’ve grabbed a couple of tasty samples that you need to see. And I mean, NEED to see.

While the list mostly sticks to films that faced notorious cuts (Blade Runner, Natural Born Killers etc), there are a couple of little deleted nuggets that we weren’t even aware existed.

The first clip comes from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. While that film was mostly forgettable (and a bit too brainless for my taste) this funny little bit would’ve at least provided a memorable scene. Even if it does take a dump on James Cameron‘s legacy, it’s pretty damn great.

This second clip comes from 2008′s Will Smith superhero-vehicle Hancock. Last year the web was abuzz with the news that the film would be rated R in America due to a scene featuring “statutory rape“. Amazingly, that scene has found its way online. I won’t describe what occurs in the clip, but it becomes startlingly apparent why the film was originally titled “Tonight, He Comes”.

The final clip comes from Twilight. And yes, I know that Twilight is an incredibly naff blight on cinema; a toothless ode to abstinence; a pale imitation of love and affection transfigured into a brutally abusive relationship sob-fest. But you’ve GOT to check out this scene. Bella lets Edward (he’s the shiny vampire one) suck on her finger for “a taste”. He does so, and then she goes ahead and sucks her finger too! Whoa! I’ve seen adult films that started less saucily. Why the hell wasn’t this in the film! At least the inclusion of this scene would’ve proven my suspicians that Twilight is actually just Last Tango in Paris for tweens.

Phew. Anyway, check out the rest of the clips over at Total Film and let us know what you think!

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