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Vote or die – Broken City review

By Simon Miraudo March 5, 2013 Broken City may break new ground when it comes to pioneering cinematic scowls, but that’s the only area where the cast is able to elevate the banal material. Director Allen Hughes (his first time working without brother Albert) and screenwriter Brian Tucker have crafted a truly ho-hum political thriller; […]

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Terrence Malick set to become super-prolific; shooting two films in 2012

Though considered one of the all-time great filmmakers, Terrence Malick has long been joked about for the glacial speed with which he produces movies. As of the release of The Tree of Life back in June, he had directed only five films over the course of 38 years. Well, it looks as if Malick is about […]

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Modern Family rules at 2011 Emmy Awards

The love was shared around at the 63rd Emmy Awards, as if the television industry was one big happy modern family (even Charlie Sheen made a peace offering to the Two and a Half Men team while presenting an award). Modern Family was the big winner at the Jane Lynch-hosted ceremony, picking up Outstanding Comedy […]

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How the west was fun – True Grit review

True Grit – Starring Jeff Bridges, Hailee Steinfeld and Matt Damon. Directed by Joel and Ethan Coen. Rated M. Originally published January 18, 2011. By Simon Miraudo. Standard Coen Brothers Review Template: [Insert movie title] is the latest opus from the supremely talented writer/director/producer/editor duo. They reach into the annals of movie history to toy […]

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Interview: Barry Pepper (True Grit)

Interview: Barry Pepper (True Grit). By Simon Miraudo. Barry Pepper’s role in the Coen brothers’ remake of the classic western True Grit is a small but pivotal one. Mattie Ross (Hailee Steinfeld) is on the hunt for the man responsible for her father’s death, with Rooster Cogburn (Jeff Bridges) and Texas Ranger LaBoeuf (Matt Damon) […]

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