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David Lynch working on new feature film screenplay

In a long – and particularly fascinating – NY Times piece on David Lynch’s association with Transcendental Meditation, we finally got the long-awaited confirmation that he is working on a new feature film screenplay; his first in over 7 years. Ever since his divisively experimental 2006 flick Inland Empire, we got the impression David Lynch […]

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Twin Peaks may return from the black lodge

A potential Twin Peaks revival seems to have been willed into existence by the mere whispers of the trees internet. Or, perhaps that pesky BOB has orchestrated its return from his red room! Rumours hit the web that David Lynch had met with NBC about potentially bringing the short-lived series back to life, but his co-creator […]

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The 10 best Nicolas Cage performances

The 10 best Nicolas Cage performances. By Simon Miraudo. Once upon a time, Nicolas Cage was one of the most respected actors on a planet. That time was before The Wicker Man, and public perception of the actor has shifted drastically in its wake. Though Cage has evolved from “bankable movie star” to “human punch […]

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David Lynch discusses turning down Return of the Jedi

source: cinemablend.com Did you know that David Lynch was offered the opportunity to direct Return of the Jedi? Yes, that Return of the Jedi. In the following interview, he discusses meeting with George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch and being shown a series of Wookies and Ewoks, which he says gave him “a headache”. If you […]

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Head to Head – Mulholland Drive

Welcome to the latest edition of our newly revamped Head to Head feature, in which our Quickflix critics take on our readers in a rip-snorting battle to the death! You pick the film, and we pick the fight! This week we received a baffling attack on the baffling David Lynch film Mulholland Drive from Patrick […]

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